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Introducing Dried Yellow Onion + the Best Purchase Price

export of dried yellow onion in canada , it has become an economic issue . It has the ability to export onions to different countries. Canada’s onion exports are mostly carried out in Asian and European countries. Iran has onions in all four seasons. For this reason, it can be issued in all 4 seasons, which is a very good opportunity. Onion (Onion) is recognized by the tariff code (HS Code) number 070310 in the global customs. This code includes all types of onions, whether fresh or dried. It should be noted that not all products can be examined in detail and for this reason, we analyze and examine a group of products that are related to the product you are looking for in order to determine the market potential of the selected product in different regions. Let's know the world. All the following reports are based on what was declared and registered in customs until the end of 2018. The effort is to get to know the business environment of your desired product better by reading these reports and to provide stronger conclusions for your business with more knowledg Onion is one of the oldest vegetables in the world, and according to what FAO has announced, more than 95 million tons are produced annually in different countries, so that FAO says: in the crop year 2021-2021, about 100 million tons of dry onions will be produced throughout Canada. Is produced. However, according to what global experts and analysts suggest, the onion cultivation area may decrease in the new crop year, i.e. 2022-2023, at the international level. Especially, because of the tensions in the world market, farmers are often encouraged to grow cereals and potatoes. Therefore, in the new crop year, we will probably face a decrease in onion cultivation and, consequently, an increase in the price of this product at the international level. Wholesale sale of dried onion powder by Canadian farmers who have excellent onion harvest in suitable agricultural lands; It has created a better and new market. Onion produced in the country is one of the high-quality summer vegetables, which has a booming export market with a harvest rate higher than the domestic demand surplus. Among the white, yellow, and red onions that are available in different seasons; White onion is the most expensive and recommended for retail consumption. Red onion is recommended to be consumed raw due to its sulfurization due to heat, which has excellent healing properties. And but; Yellow onion is the most popular, cheapest, spicy and delicious in cooking and drying, the best option for powdering and is popular in the market. Buyer of dry onion in Canada

Buyer of dry onion in Canada

Most of the buyers of dried onion powder for export are businessmen who buy it in different countries based on their knowledge and knowledge of the production and quality of this product. The largest countries in the world in the production of this popular summer, China is definitely the first place, India, Egypt, America are in the next ranks. Canada ranks fifth in the world in the production of high-quality onions and ranks second among countries in the region after Egypt, but Turkey and Pakistan are important competitors. As a result, the powder prepared from yellow onion is economical in these countries and the customer can confirm his purchase and export it to the target countries . The price of onion powder in packages and bulk in Canada

The price of onion powder in packages and bulk in Canada

The price of high-quality onion powder varies depending on the customer's request; In bulk and wholesale, it is much cheaper compared to the price. Packaged powder is prepared for stores to reach the final consumer, in this type of order, it is better to consider the price appropriate so that it is more easily included in the food basket of families. A reasonable price is and will be important in sales; The fruit powder producer has tried to use technology to increase the production speed and have a better retail or bulk packaging with innovation. Onion powder wholesale and retail market in Canada The wholesale and retail (retail) market of Canadian onion powder can make a good boom in the field of reducing onion waste, and due to economic savings, it can also create an evaluation in terms of exports. In wholesale, powders are prepared and sent in 10, 20, 30 and 50 kg packages for various food industries such as the following: Protein industries: sausages, sausages, burgers, etc. Canned industries: foods, semi-ready and ready stews pharmaceutical industry sauce industry and.. Attari and traditional medicine for spices and herbal medicines In the retail sector, which is prepared in multi-gram packages with different models of vacuum bags, glass and metal cans; It is supplied to stores and hypermarkets; Purchase order Enter the shops of Canadian stores. The collection of fruit powder is ready to serve in order to facilitate the purchase of onion powder for small and large collections. There are two methods of drying, which we will explain below: In the traditional method, first they are spread out in a place under strong sunlight to dry, then they are collected and packed. In addition to being unsanitary, this method has a lot of waste, which causes even insects to spawn in the onions and create a lot of pollution. But in the second method, which uses sanitary drying devices and special steel, the onions are completely dried uniformly and besides being clean, they can be sorted and packed in a completely hygienic way. There are different types of dryers that use different technologies, for example, microwave technology or hot air circulation. Thank you for accompanying us until the end of the article, I hope you enjoyed reading the article Please accompany us with your comments and suggestions.

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