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Cinthol Soap in Nepal; Skin Protection 5 Colors Black White blue red Lemon

Cinthol soap in Nepal is imported from India in five types and packaging colors for different medical and skin protection with high quality and effect.

Cinthol Soap in Nepal

India is a major source of Cinthol soap.

The original company Godrej based in India, Mumbai produces high-quality soaps in different types for protecting skins.

Our soaps have more than %95 percent protection against air pollution for your body and face skin.

Organic and natural raw materials in producing process cause our soap gives the highest standard and passed different quality tests.

Every different kind of Cinthol soap has its own formula and is often prescribed by doctors for your special need and use.

So if you are interested in buying these kinds of soap, read below about their differences and kinds.

Cinthol Soap

Cinthol Soap Features in Nepal

Cinthol soap has different types and is packed 4, 7, 9, 20, and more together.

It has several kinds such as cool, original, lime, health, and deo name with different effects.

Title Description
Major Source India
Mumbai Produces High-Quality Soaps
Company Godrej Based in India
Protection %95 Percent Protection against Air Pollution

Each of these types of soaps is packed in packages with different colors, including black, white, blue, red, and lemon, which show their special kinds and effects.

The weight of each Cinthol soap is 100 to 150 grams.

First-grade and high-standard soap is used in curation and recommended for the protection health of the skin.

For medical use, the amount of fat, bacteria, acne, and dryness of your face must be checked by a doctor and specific Cinthol soap for your skin should be prescribed for you.

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Buy Cinthol Soap in Nepal

To buy Cinthol soap in Nepal, you can buy this product in bulk and full sheets in jumbo bags and in final packaged form.

Before deciding to buy, you should check your field of work and the product you need to supply for the Nepalese market.

Since this soap is known in the world, it may be important for you to prepare it under the brand and package of the same manufacturer.

Of course, you can create more value for your product in Nepal by buying a large volume of this soap and choosing the right packaging and sizes appropriate for your language and favor.

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Cinthol Soap Price in Nepal + Buy and Sell

The price of Cinthol soap in Nepal varies with the change in the quality and packaging.

There are also small packages of 30 grams of this product for use in hotels and public areas, which, depending on the price of labor and its packaging, have a great impact on the fluctuation of the weighted price of soap.

Also, the amount of natural and organic ingredients used in this soap will increase its price and quality.

We have Cinthol soap prices in Nepal from $10 to $40 in different types and sizes.

Contact our advisor and trader here to talk more about Cinthol products and your need to buy your order in the best condition and price in Nepal.

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The Answer to Two Questions About Cinthol Soap

1: What are the side effects of Cinthol soap?

Pimples on my face.

2: Can I use Cinthol soap on face?

Yes, Godrej Cinthol Charcoal Soap is good for the face as well as for the body.

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