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Cheap Copper Cable; Flexible Single Core PVC XLPE Cover

Cheap copper cable is a type of cable whose conductor is made of copper and is widely used in the electrical industry.

Cheap Copper Cable

As it is clear from the name of copper cable, the conductor of these cables is made of copper, and today they have many applications in various industries, especially in the electrical industry.

Copper cables have different varieties and can be produced in different numbers of strands, types of coating, etc.

Copper cables can pass the electric current completely and with high quality, so we can be sure that there is no pressure drop in the electric transmission.

Most copper cables have a high weight, so when choosing these cables, we must pay attention to their weight so that the cables will not be separated from the joint after use.

cheapest copper wire

Cheap Copper Cable Features

Getting to know some of the features of cheap copper cables:

These types of cables have high flexibility and at the same time have high resistance.

Title Description
Properties Flexible, Resistant
Core Single, Multiple
Length 200 Meters

The efficiency and effectiveness of copper cables are very high.

These types of cables have good compatibility with different wiring.

Due to the fact that the resistance of copper cables is very high, we can easily use these cables in different weather conditions and different places.

The types of copper cables are:

PVC-sheathed copper cables

XLPE-sheathed copper cables

PVC-sheathed copper cables are often used in open spaces, such as underground water, indoor cabling, etc.

Copper cables with XLPE coating are usually used in centers such as power plants.

twisted copper cable

Buy Cheap Copper Cable

Some tips for buying cheap copper cables are:

When buying these cables, be sure to pay attention to your type of use and choose and buy the cable accordingly.

Be sure to choose the length of the cable according to the distance you have, so that the cable does not get short while working.

To buy copper cables, you can go to our products so that you can buy a quality product and in this case, you can not sacrifice quality for quantity.

You should pay attention to the type of insulation used in copper cables.

You must pay attention to whether the mentioned cables are multi-stranded or single-stranded.

When choosing this cable, be sure to pay attention to the diameter of the wire and buy according to your needs.

braided copper cable

Cheap Copper Cable Price + Buy and Sell

Due to price fluctuations in the supply market of all kinds of electric wires and cables, it is not possible to determine the exact price for the sale of this product.

Various factors affect the price of buying and selling cheap copper cables, some of which are:

Cable length

The quality of the cable and its insulation

Cable manufacturer brand

The daily price of copper cable

How to buy these cables, which can include the partial or total purchase.

In general, we can consider the price of cheap copper cables between 35.50 and 71.01 dollars.

Dear buyers, you can contact us to know the approximate prices and special sales conditions of this cable and then proceed to purchase and place an order.

multicore copper cable

The Answer to Two Questions About Cheap Copper Cable

1: How much is the price of cheap copper cable?

In general, we can consider the price of cheap copper cables between 35.50 and 71.01 dollars.

2: How long do copper cables last?

100 Years.

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