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Builders Barbed Wire; Galvanizes Steel Wire Tear Resistant Different Thickness

Builders barbed Wire barriers can be several meters and form a dense network of barbed wire as their name suggests.

Builders Barbed Wire

Barbed wire is a security factor in construction.

Those who are looking to improve the security of access to restricted or private area should use this product.

Barbed Wire is usually placed in a place that we want to protect to make it more difficult for animals or intruders to access that area.

These Wires are manufactured with the highest quality galvanized Wire starting with two strands of interwoven wire (12.5 gauge) which ensures high resistance to tearing.

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Builders Barbed Wire Features

Builders barbed Wires made of 2 galvanized steel wires of the same diameter twisted in a spiral.

At regular intervals fixed and sharp protrusions are wrapped which can have the same diameter or different diameters.

Title Description
Function Security in Construction
Made of Galvanized Wire
Resistance To Tearing
Used in Agricultural Fields

It is most widely used in the agricultural fields where it is used in livestock fences pastures forests and forest farms.

They are also used in construction for fence industries houses schools and as security fences.

The effectiveness of products is largely based on how they are formulated.

For example in the case of barbed Wire it is a product that is made of steel and allows its alloying process to be suitable for the malleability or strength requirements of the product when it is used.

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Buy Builders Barbed Wire

To determine which type of builders barbed Wire to buy you need to know where and in which area you will be placing it.

Also pay attention to the weight that the wire must bear and its length.

Because people's needs are different.

We believe the best barbed Wire you can use to protect your space is galvanized barbed Wire.

which is manufactured with two strands intertwined to provide greater resistance to breakage.

And above all it can provide your security.

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Builders Barbed Wire Price + Buy And Sell

All the products that are available have the best quality and the lowest Price and Buy and Sell in the steel market.

Therefore builders barbed wire is one of the key products that provide ideal features in terms of durability and resistance.

The Price of barbed Wire is varied.

Because it is affected by the supply and demand of the domestic market and foreign import tariffs.

But based on the Price that the customer requests from the sales managers there are also changes.

If you wish to Buy any type of builders barbed Wire do not hesitate to ask for your Price and contact the sales manager.

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The Answer to Two Questions About Builders Barbed Wire

1: What are different types of Builders Barbed Wire?

Single twist, double twist and traditional twist barbed wire.

2: How many Metres is 50 kg barbed wire?

Barbed Wire 50kg/roll Length 1000m.

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Comments (7 Comments)

Michelle Elliott

Whether you need to keep animals in or intruders out, Builders Barbed Wire is the perfect choice for your security needs.


Barbed wires are made of steel and iron and are of high quality, but they do not have good resistance to water and humidity and they rust after a while.

Harry Holmes

Constructed with heavy-gauge galvanized steel, it's designed to resist rust, corrosion, and wear and tear so you can count on reliable performance in any situation.

David Gray

This product is perfect for keeping animals and trespassers out, providing a secure barrier that will last for years to come.

Jenna Morgan

Barbed wire is a bit dangerous especially if you have pets or children in your yard


These wires are suitable for areas where the valley or the bottom of the mountain and the sloping mountain and to the cars that pass through


Barbed wire is made of steel and is used in many different industries.

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