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Brown Drip Pipe; Polyethylene 16 MM Size 25 Meter Long 33 MM Emitter Space

Brown drip pipes use small drippers at fixed intervals to keep plants and crops fully hydrated.

These pipes are made of synthetic polymers.

Brown Drip Pipe

Modern technologies have emerged to address modern challenges of human beings, one of which is water shortage.

To alleviate the shortage of water without reducing cultivation, farmers have come up with several irrigation methods that reduce the waste of water.

Drip irrigation is a method of irrigation in which water is poured with low pressure through openings or drippers at the plant's roots.

This water goes out through the designed and implemented irrigation system and reaches the holes or drippers.

Sometimes this method is also referred to as local irrigation.

In the drip irrigation system, the water passes through the network of pipes and finally the outlet of the tape or drippers.

These pipes are available in a variety of diameters and lengths.

brown drip line

Brown Drip Pipe Features

Drip pipes are very handy in the sense that they make the task of irrigation so much easier for farmers.

Moreover, these pipes increased the efficiency of the job by over 90%, mainly because farmers wouldn't need to struggle with weeds anymore.

Title Description
Size 16 MM
Material Polyethylene
Emitter Spacing 33 MM
Length 25 M

Obviously, drip pipes can reduce the amount of water use to a minimum and that's also a plus.

Drip pipes are also very adaptable and versatile since they can be installed in all kinds of environments.

Speaking of versatility, these pipes can also be used to drip liquid fertilizers into the crops.

As a result, the health of crops will be guaranteed with the use of drip pipes.

brown drip tubing

Buy Brown Drip Pipe

There are many farms that can benefit from brown drip pipes, but still, they should take the following factors into mind before buying these pipes.

You should buy the right size of brown drip pipes depending on the size of your farm.

Larger farms would require larger diameters of pipes and of course higher water pressure.

You must only buy drip pipes made of top-grade PVC materials.

You can also test the pipes and see if the drippers do a good job of emitting water to crops.

Drip pipes that come with a guarantee should also be your top priority.

brown drip hose

Brown Drip Pipe Price + Buy and Sell

There are many different types of brown drip pipes, and the price of these pipes varies from one type to another.

Also, the diameter and the extra protective layers (also known as jackets) can impact the price of these pipes.

Given all these factors, you cannot expect to see a fixed price when it comes to drip pipes.

However, you may be able to buy these pipes for about $0.85 to more than $1 per meter.

Feel free to visit our website and buy from our large collection of agricultural tools.

Our experts are ready to answer your calls and give you our exact prices.

brown soaker hose

The Answer to Two Questions About Brown Drip Pipe

1: What pipe is used for drip?

Drip tubes are generally made of polyethylene material.

2: How does a drip system work?

In drip irrigation, a hose with an emitter is placed in the ground next to the plants. The emitter slowly drips water into the root zone soil.

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