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Bell Pepper Per Pound (Capsicum Annuum) Sweet 3 Colors Yellow Orange Green Nutritious

The price of the bell pepper per pound can be very reasonable if you want a colorful and nutritious vegetable to add color to your food.

Bell Pepper Per Pound

The scientific name of bell pepper is Capsicum annuum.

This pepper is also known as sweet pepper, it is usually considered as a vegetable, although it is technically a fruit.

Bell peppers have thick skin.

They are bell-shaped and come in different colors such as red, yellow, orange, and green.

Green bell pepper is a type of unripe bell pepper.

They are sweeter than red and yellow peppers and have a slightly bitter taste.

Red bell pepper is completely riped and it is sweet.

They are highly nutritious and a great addition to your diet.

Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper Per Pound Features

What are the features of per pound bell pepper?

  • Fruit size is larger than 200 grams.
  • Usually, the smaller the fruit, the lower its price
  • Bell pepper has a thick wall with smooth skin.
  • The thinner the fruit wall, the more likely it is to be smooth.
  • It has a regular cube or rectangle shape. It has four or five same size cells.
  • same colors on the entire surface of the fruit

What is the reason for the difference between bell peppers?

Title Description
Scientific Name Capsicum Annuum
Known as Sweet Pepper
Color Yellow, Orange, and Green
Skin Thick Skin
  • Green bell pepper is green because of its high amount of chlorophyll.
  • Orange bell pepper is orange because it is rich in beta-carotene.
  • Yellow bell pepper has this color due to a large amount of lutein and zeaxanthin
  • Red bell pepper has this color because of the abundant presence of lycopene.

Of course, all types of colored bell peppers have many common properties.

bell pepper for baby

Buy Bell Pepper Per Pound

When you want to buy bell pepper per pound pay attention to the following points:

  • Peppers that are large in size are suitable for buying.
  • Buy peppers that have smooth skin and are firm.
  • Peppers should have a uniform color on their surface.
  • There should not be any blackening or burning on the surface of the peppers.
  • If you want to buy cheaper peppers, you should buy smaller peppers.

By buying bell peppers per pound in different colors, you can add a lot of beauty to your table and food.

Another reason for people's desire to buy bell peppers per pound is the many properties this product has for health.

bell pepper for cooking

Bell Pepper Price Per Pound + Buy and Sell

Nowadays many people say that buying red cabbage from online stores is better than other ways.

In this company, we try to eliminate dealers and intermediates so we reduce the price of the product and deliver it directly to the customers.

Bell pepper price per pound is approximately between US$ 0.95 and US$ 0.93 per pound, but we have a price reduction in our company.

You can easily contact our experts and get information about this vegetable.

Furthermore, our experts give you up-to-date bell pepper prices.

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The Answer to Two Questions About Bell Pepper

1: Are bell peppers healthy for you?

Low in calories and high in nutrients, including several important vitamins.

2: What color bell pepper is the healthiest?

Red peppers.

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