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Bathroom Marble in India; Water Acid Resistant Kitchen Bathroom Wall Floor

Bathroom Marble in India is one of the most popular for decorating not only the bathroom but also is used in facade and yard.

Bathroom Marble in India

In India, marble stone which is an expensive one is used more to decorate kitchens and bathrooms.

This stone has a white appearance and mainly has gray, beige, black, blue, pink, and red streaks that are easily matched with a variety of sanitary ware.

It is easy to polish, or even cut the stone for a bright glossy finish, or for a more matte finish.

When protected with an appropriate coating of sealant and polished, it's much harder for scratches or dings to show.

However, regular maintenance is required for marble.

Detergent, as well as powerful acids and chemicals, may corrode it.

Bathroom Marble

Bathroom Marble Features in India

In India, marble stones are used in the bathroom due to their resistance to water, but in addition to resistance, it has many other features.

This stone is so resistant to acids and hard detergents that you can wash it safely whenever you want.

Title Description
Used to Decorate Kitchens and Bathrooms
Used in India
Streaks Gray, Beige, Black, Blue, Pink and Red
Appearance White

After being installed or sanded you can immediately polish it several times.

Marble stones have streaks in all colors and you can match them with other tiles or stones used in your bathroom.

This kind of stone has also resistance to warm water or warm weather and also can tolerate pressure or other heavy stones or ceramic tiles.

bathroom marble design

Buy Bathroom Marble in India

In every city in India, there are many online and local stores where you can buy bathroom marble stones from.

But it’s better to refer to the online sellers because their facilities for customers are more than the local ones.

For example, they present all kinds of this stone and you can compare them with each other and then make your choice.

Most such stores deliver your order with the lowest extra charges whenever you want.

All of the online counselors who are ready to help you and answer your questions about your desired one.

These experts also can tell the differences between other types of products.

bathroom marble tiles

Bathroom Marble Price in India + Buy and Sell

Our company is one of the biggest online sellers of bathroom marble and can provide all the customers in India and out of that.

You can call our experts and ask all of your questions.

They have other information about these stones.

If you are doubtful about the specifications of these stones our experts can guide you to find other types that work better for you.

The price of our products is much lower in comparison with other providers.

For example, the price per square foot of marble 18 mm thick is 3.63 dollars, but the same material is cheaper in our company.

bathroom marble floor

The Answer to Two Questions About Bathroom Marble

1: Is marble suitable for bathrooms?

Marble is a durable stone that, treated properly, can stand up to anything a modern bathroom can throw at it.

2: Why is marble good for bathrooms?

Its inherently unique appearance, range of features, and simplicity of care.

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