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Arad Branding Statement on Declaring Readiness to Achieve the Slogan of 1403 by the Esteemed Leadership

Mr. Vahid, the Strategic Manager of Arad Branding, has formulated a statement regarding Arad's readiness and endeavors to achieve the slogan of 1403 by our esteemed leadership. We call upon all Aradis to solidify this statement by declaring their readiness to convey it firmly to the authorities.

Writing a comment and declaring readiness by each of you, dear ones, is akin to a signature, the greater its quantity and quality, the stronger a document it will be for following up and demanding accountability from the authorities.

Therefore, by writing a firm comment in solidarity with this statement, support us in our advocacy efforts.

The text of the statement is as follows.


Arad Branding Statement in 1403

In the name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

The naming of the year 1403 as the year of Surge in Production through People's Participation by the esteemed leadership indicates his awareness and deep concern about the economic hardships affecting our noble and historically significant Iranian people today, which burdens his heart.

One of the main reasons for these unfortunate economic consequences is the incorrect understanding of decision-makers and implementers of these policies regarding the prosperity of the production cycle and the lack of a contemporary and efficient understanding of the realities governing the world of production, sales, and its profits, either in the form of misguided loans provided by some government officials to certain producers or neglecting sales, which is the main pulse and pain of producers, and merely thinking about production for the sake of production.

Maximizing exports and domestic sales is a practical way out of the problems of producers and the weakness of the economy within this border and territory, which should receive fundamental attention.

As a leading company in domestic sales and exports in 1403, with over 550 employees, 12,000 merchants, and 1,500 foreign representatives with 26 representative offices worldwide, Arad Branding, with all its love and dedication to our beloved Islamic Iran, responds to the call of our esteemed leadership for a surge in production through people's participation, and relying on its unparalleled experiences, facilities, and networking, will be fully present in the field to hopefully achieve divine satisfaction and the satisfaction of our beloved people.

In this regard, Arad Branding declares its readiness for full cooperation and knowledge transfer with relevant agencies and institutions.

Farvardin 5, 1403 (March 24, 2024)

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Comments (17 Comments)

Masibulele kumalo

I am happy to be part of Arad Branding and a life changing experience to promote prosperity and positivity to the world at large

Jimale Mohamed Hassan

Am glad and wish to join this company and am really interested it.
I would be given chance I really contribute positively to this company.
Thanks in advance everyone

Zahra Rezaei

This year like the past years, we have witnessed the insightful articulation and announcement of the annual motto by the esteemed leadership. A leap in production will only occur when new markets are created for the supply of manufactured products, and once quality products at competitive prices become popular with the target community, producers can increase their production levels. Discovering new markets and offering quality, competitive products involves numerous processes that require serious and continuous participation from the people. The Arad Group, with its long history of concern for improving the livelihoods of the Iranian people and the valuable executive experiences gained in this regard over the years, is fully equipped and determined on this path. Each member of the Arad Group is aligned with the directives of the Supreme Leader and ready to fulfill his concerns. By implementing the plans set by the leadership of the Arad Group, God willing, they will alleviate a significant portion of the current problems.

M. Abbas Mohsenian

The transformative slogan of '1403.' With a resolute focus on excellence, innovation, and progress, we stand united in our pursuit of this bold vision. Through strategic planning, collaborative teamwork, and a passion for exceeding expectations, we are poised to make a lasting impact on society. Together, we embrace the challenge, harnessing our collective strengths to shape a future that embodies the ideals of '1403' and inspires generations to come.

Javad Gh.


As a small member of the big and international family of Arad Branding, I declare my announcement without realizing this year's slogan of the Supreme Leader.
I hope that all the people of Iran can have a jump in production in our beloved country with the participation and cooperation of each other.
thank you

Sheehan Ramdeyal

Arad branding is a company that has enabled me to learn a great deal about wholesaling, retailing, importing and exporting. It is a company with the ability to change lives of it associates.

James Olushola

Aradbranding company is the moving Vehicle license to move everyone along at the same time I'm happy to be part of this great Organization.

Manouchehr Rahmani

Hello. Wishing success and increasing health to the wise leader of the Islamic Revolution and the honorable president and senior managers and all involved in Arad. We are ready to have a small share in the improvement of the economy of dear Iran, God willing.

Reza Karimi

We are all ready for economic and financial Jihad.
Production is good, but the fruit of this tree is selling.
Export is the highest level of selling by which the trading process will come true.

💎🗺 Lovely world of Arad 🗺💎

Sepideh Afshar

Greetings and have a good time, dear Aradis 🌹
Arad Branding has always been the commercial leader and commercial prosperity of the country, and we should be more successful and methodical in this direction with this project.

Jerry Yeboah

What a great way to begin the year. Arad branding can achieve this year's targets with great collaboration from Aradies worldwide. Glad to be part of this.

Ruth Ayittah

I'm really excited to be a part of this great Arad Branding Company. I encourage everyone to purchase Arad Branding products today. Whatsapp me on 0554156078. My Telegram username is t.me/Hogbaayoo and ID 6550844278. My email address is ruthayittah8@gmail.com

Jalika Nasso

I am writing this to express my interest in Arad branding company. After researching your company and the work it does. Iam very impressed with it's mission and the positive impact it has on the community. Iam confident that my skills and experience would positively contribute to the company. This is my Email address jalikanasso9@gmail.com if anyone who feels to contact me

Elijah James

Am really greatfull to be part of aradbranding which has challenged me to be better in my everyday skills development.To more on aradis cooperation growth in the future

Samawill Berthé

C'est une bonne idée quand même

Muhammadsherif Abdulganiyu


Samawill Berthé

En tant que petit membre de la société Arad Branding, je suis ravie de respecter ce slogan de 1403
Inchallah le tout puissant est notre guide suprême et le prophète Mahomet sws