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Air Sofa in Bangladesh (Inflatable Couch) Soft Flexible PVC Material Waterproof Lightweight

Air sofa in Bangladesh is the latest change in the idea of furniture and sofas.

Inflatable sofas are now produced in every color of the rainbow.

Air Sofa in Bangladesh

You must have seen inflatable furniture in various TV commercials or on social media.

This furniture has special and unique features that have made many people buy it and use it when necessary.

Buying all kinds of furniture is really not an easy task.

Paying exorbitant fees and carrying their heavy weight is something that maybe everyone does once in a year.

If you need furniture for short-term purposes, you should definitely not spend too much.

Also, if you are not going to stay in one place forever or you do not have a fixed place to live.

Moving heavy furniture is definitely a very difficult task that requires both strength and time.

Inflatable furniture is a great choice for those who want to be comfortable and are not going to live in a place for a long time.

Air Sofa

Air Sofa Features in Bangladesh

Air sofas have very good features, one of the most important of which is the medical comfort of these products.

The air sofa is made of PVC body and this material is very soft and flexible, so you can use them easily and without problems.

Title Description
Made of PVC
Material Soft and Flexible
Advantage Waterproof and Lightweight
Types Bed Type, Footrest, and Round

The air sofas are very light in weight.

These products are waterproof and have a very long life if you use them properly.

Air sofas are produced in various dimensions, designs, and models.

The types of air sofas in terms of use and model are:

  • Bed-air sofa
  • Air sofa with back
  • Air sofa with footrest
  • Round-air sofa
  • Elegant and formal air sofa

Air Sofa bed

Buy Air Sofa in Bangladesh

Now that we know what an air sofa is and what its advantages are, we will discuss the points that you should pay attention to when you want to buy air sofa in Bangladesh:

  • The amount of empty space in the apartment or office

Air couches are produced in various dimensions.

  • The material of the body and the material of the top of the air sofa

Air sofas are made of resistant and hypoallergenic PVC.

These products are very soft and comfortable and do not cause problems for sensitive skin.

  • Capacity and weight bearing

Some of these sofas are designed for children and some of them are suitable for teenagers and adults.

  • The design and color of the air sofa

One of the most important advantages of air sofas is their variety of colors and designs.

air sofa cum bed

Air Sofa Price in Bangladesh + Buy and Sell

Here, we learned about air sofas, types of air sofas, advantages and features of these products.

Based on this, the air sofa price in Bangladesh is different based on the type of sofa we choose.

One of the things that affect the price of this product is the type of material used to cover the surface of this sofa.

The color and design of the sofa are the other things that affect the price of the air sofa.

The air spa price in Bangladesh varies between 250 and 1700$.

To buy an air sofa at a good price and high quality, you can visit the air sofa and couch purchase page or contact our experts.

air sofa single

The Answer to Two Questions About Air Sofa

1: What is Air Sofa good for?

Inflatable furniture is a great choice for those who want to be comfortable and are not going to live in a place for a long time

2: What is Air Sofa called?

Inflatable Couch.

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