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Buy Abdou Mostafa for handmade rugs + best price

In the year 1952, Abdou Mostafa started making rugs that were handmade in the Downtown neighborhood of Cairo. Since then, the company has undergone tremendous expansion, and it has developed into a family enterprise that is being run by the third generation of the family. When it comes to the manufacturing of handmade rugs and kilims, the reputation of the company as a byword for quality has been established over a period of more than 65 years. This goal was accomplished by keeping an eye on developing fashion trends while also ensuring that the high degree of craftsmanship and luxury that earned the brand its name on a worldwide scale was maintained. Nattiot children's handmade rugs In order to fulfill the requirements of the company’s customers, it is constantly including new things in its collections and paying great attention to the preferences of its customers. The company offers a wide variety of high-quality rugs and kilims, such as antique rugs, rugs with historic designs, modern rugs, coloured carpets, silk and wool/silk rugs, and more, in addition to specialised services that extend the life of your rug. This selection includes antique rugs, rugs with historic designs, modern rugs, and more. According to the company’s website, it adjusts the colouring, dimensions, and patterns of our rugs to each individual order in order to accommodate the specific needs of our varied clientele, who all have their own preferences and specifications.

Nattiot children's handmade rugs

If you are interested in Nattiot children’s handmade and other types of rugs, here a brief description of them. A brand-new collection of rugs that have been designed by Nattiot from the ground up with the requirements of infants and young children in mind from the beginning of the process. This collection creates a whole that is united and harmonious by bringing together two distinct worlds—the world of interior design and the world of infants. Each component in the collection was designed with the premise that children's furniture collections share a similar aesthetic and colour palette across their goods. This inspired the design of each and every piece in the collection. During the course of designing the collection, this idea was taken into consideration multiple times. Each and every one of these carpets were crafted by hand, either through the process of hand-tufting or through the process of hand-weaving, depending on the particular design. Businesses have an attitude of social responsibility, and as part of this, they make certain that their employees are given working conditions that are fair. Feizy handmade rugs In addition, it is very evident that they have strictly prohibited the hiring of children in any capacity. They are also dedicated to the preservation of the natural world, and they do not employ any techniques for dyeing yarn that could in any way be detrimental to the natural world. You should only clean up any spills as soon as they happen, using hot water and a clean towel to remove any stains that may have occurred. For fat stains, use Marseille soap.

Feizy handmade rugs

Four generations of the Feizi family have been buying, selling, creating, and collecting gorgeous handmade rugs. John Feizy started Feizy Carpets over four decades ago to share this legacy, and this year we are delighted to offer you our selection of handcrafted, machine-made, and handmade carpets. We are creators and manufacturers Turnkey internal design and production resources Before many of our competitors ever send designs to contract manufacturers, Feizy can speed the production life cycle and have your product delivered. Our company's design team is in continual communication with internal and external facilities, including our company's own production facilities. There, we actively weave our rugs, ensuring that the colours, patterns, and textures are always in style. Our direct production skills allow us to efficiently and effectively develop the most innovative and high-quality goods for our clients. We’re Artisans Supporting Artists Feizy has a long history of supporting the art of carpet weaving and the folk artist who creates lovely rooms with carpets, from the designers that make our products inventive to the weavers who carefully craft every rug in our manufacturing line. Handmade rugs wayfair The Feizys family has set industry benchmarks for combining exceptional quality and aesthetics. The company is committed to advancing new structures while finishing and conserving the art of carpet weaving as it is known today. We’re a Family Providing for Families In the less developed countries from which we export, one in four youngsters are engaged in hazardous labour. Feizy is determined to put an end to this practise. Our establishments never employ child labour. In addition, we are pleased to sponsor the International Children's Fund (GFC), an institution that enables groups to address this issue's core causes. With the cooperation of GFC, Feizy contributes to the creation of chances for children of all races, classes, and genders. With the aid and assistance of this remarkable organisation, Feizy intends to put an end to the exploitation of children in these poor countries.

Handmade rugs wayfair

Wayfair is the destination for all things home, especially handmade rugs and carpets, and a place that enables everyone, no matter where they live, to create a sense of home. There is a slight decline in the company's performance. In the early 2000s, a "good selection" meant three or four selections on a store shelf. Niraj Shah and Steve Conine wanted to give people additional choices. Bringing shopping-home online meant they wouldn't need to worry about fitting sofas in a store, and for the first time, shoppers would have choice. Niraj and Steve jumped in, looking at what people were searching for and building destinations for those products. Soon they had launched CSN Stores, a collection of more than 200 sites with everything from bar stools to bedroom furniture and birdhouses. In 2011, we brought everything together under one roof and created wayfair.com: a single site where people could find millions of products for every part of their homes. Silk road handmade rugs Why the name Wayfair? The truth is, it was just two words that sounded good together. But over time, our guests built this brand alongside us and gave our pinwheel logo more purpose and meaning than we ever could have dreamed. That’s the best definition we could ask for. Over the next few years, we expanded to Canada, the UK, and Germany and built a logistics and infrastructure network to make shipping huge commodities easier. First time ever, buyers in rural Nebraska or urban London may easily find and buy home goods. All this history has led us to where we are today: a world where Wayfair is driven by a world-class team with the future always in mind – constantly striving to help everyone, anywhere, create spaces that are just right for them.

Silk road handmade rugs

Silk Road is one of the popular companies that provide all types of textile floor coverings, especially handmade rugs. Over the course of more than twenty years, SILK-ROAD Handcrafted Carpets has established itself as the place to go to acquire designer handcrafted carpets at prices that are fairer. This has enabled the company to become the go-to destination. It has the widest range of carpets available, including antique rugs, traditional rugs, transitional rugs, tribal rugs, vintage rugs, modern and contemporary rugs, and more. In addition, we offer services for washing rugs, repairing rugs, and making custom rugs to the customer's specifications. According to the company’s website, its designers of rugs are located in Melbourne, and one of its passions is bringing a sense of sophistication, cosiness, and luxury into residential and business spaces through the application of its carpets. This is something the company takes great pride in doing. The carpets are woven by hand using painstaking attention to detail in an extensive variety of unique designs and motifs. You are able to give your personal area the appearance that you have always dreamed of having by utilising our exquisitely produced carpets, which are designed to complement a wide variety of different kinds of decor. Amazon handmade rugs In Melbourne, you have the option of shopping for rugs either online or in-person at our showroom, which is located at 437 High Street Prahran, Victoria 3181. You can think of our hand-knotted carpets created in Melbourne as an elegant addition to your room that has a hint of contemporary style and vibrant colours. The quality of our carpets is a reflection of the experienced artists that continue to work on increasing our range with contemporary designs. This effort is being done so that we may offer more options to our customers.

Amazon handmade rugs

Amazon sells handmade rugs and carpets of many types. Amazon focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. It is also one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the globe. It is one of the top five tech companies in the United States, along with Alphabet, Apple, Microsoft, and Meta. Jeff Bezos launched Amazon on July 5, 1994, and it was initially based out of his garage in Bellevue, Washington. It started out as an online marketplace for books, but over time it grew into other product categories, which is the approach that led to the store's moniker being "everything." It operates through a number of wholly-owned companies, the most notable of which being Amazon Web Services (cloud computing), Zoox (automotive vehicles), Kuiper System (satellite internet), and Amazon Lab126 (Computer Hardware Research and Development). Ring, Twitch, IMDb, and Whole Foods Market are some of the company's other subsidiaries.   Linie design handmade rugs The acquisition of Sprouts Farmers Market for 13.4 billion dollars in August 2017 dramatically expanded Whole Foods' footprint as a physical store. Due to its technology innovations and vast size, Amazon has gained a reputation as a firm that can disrupt established sectors. By 2021, it is predicted to be the largest internet corporation based on revenue, as well as the largest retailer and online marketplace providing smart speakers, cloud computing services via AWS, live streaming services via Twitch, and internet services in general. Amazon Prime is a paid membership programme that has more than 200 million paying clients worldwide. This was a significant reason in the company's potential to beat Walmart in 2021 and become the world's largest non-Chinese retailer. It is the second-largest private employer in the United States in terms of headcount.

Linie design handmade rugs

The Danish design company known as Linie Design got its start in the year 1980. The company is based in Copenhagen. Because we are the most successful maker and wholesaler of handmade rugs in Northern Europe, we include refined tones and high-quality materials into our work on a daily basis. This is a direct outcome of the fact that we are located in Northern Europe. When thinking about either Nordic design or one-of-a-kind handcrafted objects, the word "tradition" is the first thing that comes to mind. Each of our carpets is designed by well-known designers from Scandinavia, and each one is hand-woven by skilled artisans in India who have perfected their craft over the course of several generations. The designers who create each of our carpets are known for their work in the Scandinavian design community. Both the weavers and the designers are native to the Indian subcontinent. In spite of the fact that we are always bending, redefining, reinventing, and recombining elements in the pursuit of unexpected expressions and surfaces, all of our designs exhibit an aesthetic that is contemporary and influenced by the Nordic region. Despite the fact that we are continuously exploring novel ways to mix already existing components, this remains the case. It shouldn't come as a surprise to learn that significant levels of demand for our carpets can be found in more than seventy different nations. We are able to offer incredibly reasonable prices across the board because to the vast volume of purchases that we make as well as the extensive knowledge that we have regarding the industry as a whole. In addition to that, the framework of our logistical operations is quite adaptable.

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Handmade carpets are art and you can't really put a price on them because they are very valuable

helen yari

Handwoven carpets have high efficiency and are produced using natural fibers.


Iran produces the best model of carpet and it has good quality


There is a wide range of carpets and rugs that have historical designs and are used in luxurious and stylish homes. These carpets are beautiful and durable.


Hand-woven carpet is a symbolic product of Iran, so much so that when the name of hand-woven carpet is spoken all over the world, the country of Iran comes to mind, because the best and most beautiful carpets in the world are Iranian hand-woven carpets.

Mona hajimirzakhani

In the year 1952, Abdou Mostafa started making rugs that were handmade in the Downtown neighborhood of Cairo


The carpets that are produced and woven in a variety of patterns are popular and classic

Kimia davodi

Your rugs were really beautiful and really caught my attention. I hope you improve


Handwoven rugs and carpets that are woven with various motifs and have high variety and quality


Hello, good time. The products of this collection are very diverse and beautiful. I have bought them and they are of high quality


Hello, I bought a carpet from the products of the export website, which is very beautiful and of high qualit


Good day.Iranian hand-woven carpets have long had a special place in all parts of the world and are a kind of symbol of Iranian art


What an interesting article about the production of handwoven carpets

hamid mozafari

The use of hand-woven carpets prevents coldness in the body and prevents rheumatic pains, hand-woven carpets are among the most unique and best-selling carpets in the world.

Ali vafadar

It was a useful article about rugs and made me interested to buy one


Greetings from me, I bought the products of the export site for regular Khali, which was very beautiful and beautifu


Handwoven carpets are one of the attractive and impressive products that attract the attention of many tourists and buy them as souvenirs.


The carpet is hand-woven silk

Muhaddith Abbasi

Hand-woven carpet has a very good quality compared to machine-made carpet and has beautiful designs and patterns, and its price is more expensive than machine-made carpet.

Reza javadi

These hand-woven carpets and carpets are really better than machine-made carpets because more effort is spent on this type of carpets, and for this reason, the price is more expensive than machine-made carpets, but in general, hand-woven carpets are among the best and most beautiful carpets in the world.


Iranian hand-woven carpets have long had a special place in all parts of the world and are a kind of symbol of Iranian art


Rugs have find their value at house design. A medium size handmade rug just beside the bed or on toilet table give your bedroom a modern stylish view.


Hi so much useful and good. Thank you not to be tired of


If you want your body and feet to always be at peace, use handwoven carpets.


Valley handwoven rugs are very valuable and their quality is really high


All kinds of hand-woven carpets that show the hands of the weavers and have many fans in the world


These carpets are very beautiful and have a good texture


We all know that anything that is handmade and needs human expertise, skill, and time will cost more than mass-produced, machine-made things


Its beautiful colors attract people and it is very good and you can buy from it


The carpet has many colors and very high quality


You can place these small chairs next to your furniture and use them at parties


Mostafa for handmade rugs - In the year 1952, Abdou Abdou Mostafa opened the Abdou Mostafa for handmade rugs in Downtown, CairoMostafa started making rugs that were handmade in the Downtown


We are very grateful to Arad Branding Group for introducing such companies to us on their website

Hossein inanloo

Hello, I bought this product, it's very good, I suggest you, they are excellent tin carpets at a reasonable price


Carpets in various sizes and shapes have countless designs and are very beautiful and high quality

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This article was an inner voice in me that made me get up and work

Alireza sharifi