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hand washing powder 2023 price list

The packaging weight is a main effective factor that leads to different handwashing powders prices .some are 3kg, 2kg, or 500 g. the ingredients of handwashing powders produce more lather, by considering its washing process. In the handwashing process, more water is used and the suds can get rinsed out properly. Handwashing powders are utilized for the clothes with a delicate fabric that if washed in washing machines will get damaged. Laundry powder contains less lather than hand washing powders because they are designed to be solved in less water. There is a common question that is asked a lot. People often are wandering about the possibility of using handwashing powder in their laundry machines. But the answer is 100 percent negative if you care about the function of your laundry machines. Because some of its insoluble ingredients which can not be solved in less water, will be left in the pipes or the drum of the fully-automatic washing machines and it leads to its malfunction. On the other hand, the price will get affected by the availability factor. It means you can pay less if domestic detergent products are used in your homes. This price could be even less if there are developed detergent factories in your countries. Handwashing Powder Special The ingredients play the main role in pricing. High-quality ingredients with some active materials absolutely can make the price changeable. The higher the quality, the higher the price. In short, packaging, availability, and ingredients are price-affected factors. So in choosing your detergent, make sure to consider these points.

Handwashing Powder Special

It could be questioned a lot why some handwashing powders are special. The answer would be related to some features like being eco-friendly, anti-allergic, and less harmful to the skin. the clothes are in direct contact with our body’s skin, so detergent powders are formulated in a way that is safe for the skin.it shouldn’t be forgotten to put on rubber glasses when doing handwashing laundry. When your garments are in the washing process, they partly are destroyed. Hand washing is an excellent technique to keep the clothes looking new for a long time without damaging the fabric. When washing clothes by hand, use a mild detergent. It makes sense to use a light detergent on these clothes. For example, Wool, as well as any other delicate fabric, requires more consideration during the washing process. But there are disadvantages too. Washing clothes by hand also requires more effort and more time. This is especially true when it comes to heavy fabrics like bedding sheets. Because of the extra weight of water that is added while washing, lifting these items would be difficult. Omo Handwashing Powder 3KG Price In comparison with laundry soap, handwashing powders are more effective to clean the clothes, but more harmful to the skin. So when it comes to choosing the types of detergent, the types of stains or specks should be noticed. All in all, the response to choosing the right detergent would return to issues such as being environmentally friendly, anti-allergic, and skin-friendly. Because the garments are in contact with body skin these products are designed to be skin-friendly. When doing handwashing laundry, don't forget to put on your rubber glasses.

Omo Handwashing Powder 3KG Price

Omo Company has been producing many kinds of handwashing detergent powder in various types of packaging weights such as 3kg, 2kg, etc. The history of Omo Company backs the years ago. it began to work as a trading organization. It was established in Nigeria and West Africa. Initially, soaps were its first product and it has continued this career up to the present time to become one of the biggest pioneers in the field of detergent manufacturing. Now, the variety of its product has exceeded from producing soaps and detergents. Many kinds of rug and sofa shampoos, fabric conditioners, glass cleaners, and floor washing products are included too. 25KG Washing Powder The reasons for Romo’s products’ popularity are quality ingredients, cost-effective price, cleansing power, availability, and pleasant fragrance. The cleaning power of omo with a plant-based cleaning ingredient is the most outstanding feature of this laundry detergent. Omo detergent products are packaged in recyclable plastic bottles. Omo detergent active materials attack greasy, oily, muddy, and chocolate ice cream stains. This effective washing detergent is formulated to have the most cleansing impact on stains.

25KG Washing Powder

Washing powders in 25kg packaging can be so cost-effective for people with high daily detergent usage. For example, it is not economical for a hotel owner to buy to provide detergent products in small packaging. Because packaging, as well as frequent delivery price, are added to the price. as a result, many hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and offices are willing to buy detergent products in bulk. So they often contact manufacturers directly and sign a contract with these factories to send them their needs at a determined frequent time, weekly or even monthly. Research has proven that one of the most commonly used home items is detergent powder. in the past, these powders were mostly used for washing the dishes. After finding out the side effects of this product on the skin, the manufacturers began to research to find other solutions which be specially formulated for washing dishes and be skin-friendly. Fortunately, the results lead to producing a variety of dishwashing liquids that each one is compatible with a specific type of skin. Depending on what you expect from a detergent product your choice would be different. Powder, for example, is an inexpensive product that produces less waste and is utilized for extremely filthy garments. Liquid detergents, on the other hand, are easier to measure, perform better in cold water, and can be used as spot treatments or while hand-washing textiles. generally speaking, supplying Washing powders in bulk is economical for consumers who use a lot of detergents every day. Because the delivery and packaging price will not be highly included in wholesale orders. In the last 2 years, the detergent market share has experienced noticeable growth. It has opened a promising way for people who are seeking a profitable business.

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This washing powder contains glycerides and can clean clothes in cold water


Washing powders are composed of chemical compounds and active substances called anionics, which increase the power of cleaning and stain removal of clothes and bring shine to clothes. Washing powders produce foam after dissolving in water, which is due to the minerals in them.


This price could be even less if there are developed detergent factories in your countries.


3 kg washing powders are very practical and are used for a long time


Three kilo washing machine powders for washing all kinds of clothes with a machine that has a wonderful cleanin


Hello good day.This washing powder is very fragrant

Charlie Fox

I want to share my opinion, In comparison with clothing cleanser, handwashing powders are more viable to clean the dress, but more hurtful to the skin. So when it comes to choosing the sorts of cleanser, the sorts of stains or bits ought to be taken note. All in all, the reaction to choosing the correct cleanser would return to issues such as being ecologically inviting, anti-allergic, and skin-friendly. Since the articles of clothing are in contact with body skin these items are planned to be skin-friendly. When doing handwashing clothing, don’t disregard to put on your elastic glasses.

Reece Dawson

It was an interesting text, but I wish you wrote that The history of Omo Company backs the a long time back. it started to work as a exchanging organization. It was built up in Nigeria and West Africa. At first, cleansers were its to begin with item and it has proceeded this career up to the display time to gotten to be one of the greatest pioneers within the field of cleanser fabricating.

Jack Grant

I think, Presently, the assortment of its item has surpassed from creating cleansers and cleansers. Numerous sorts of mat and couch shampoos, texture conditioners, glass cleaners, and floor washing items are included as well.

Kyle Fox

thankful but, In brief, bundling, accessibility, and fixings are price-affected components. So in choosing your cleanser, make beyond any doubt to consider these focuses.


Hand washing powders are usually made from hypoallergenic materials. and contain vegetable or animal oils. These are very strong detergents. And they make the clothes super clean and soft. And they create a pleasant aroma.


The history of Omo Company backs the years ago. it began to work as a trading organization.

Sara sareie

Removing stains from clothes is a task that you should do every day and is part of your routine.

samira hasedi

3 kg washing powder has a good and economical price, it also gives a good smell to the clothes and is produced in the highest quality.


Africa. Initially, soaps were its first product and it has continued this career up to the present


If you are not a producer or importer of the product yourself, the best way is to have a shop and sell the products directly because shopkeepers and other shops will buy your goods at a lower price to make a profit. And it has its own problems

Amirhosein Hashemian

In order to have healthy clothes and not lose their color, we must use a quality washing machine powder.


We can provide hand washing powders in bulk and in packages of three and five kilos and they have a more reasonable price.


Washing powders have differences in washing compared to washing powders. Hand washing powders help to wash clothes better by creating foam.


Washing Powder Price. The packaging weight is a main effective factor thatpowder detergent with an improved formula for more foam and longer-lasting fragrance. Get fresh, clean clothes


By buying washing powders in bulk, you can save a lot of money

ya Roghayeeh

Washing powders are of high quality and should be used correctly


This washing powder is very fragrant


The ingredients of this powder are well explained in the text


and conditions as stated in the Spar catalogue or Spar website are leading. Others viewed also. Designed to work in Semi-automatic Washing Machines and for Hand-wash · India's Best Stain Removal

Samaneh Torabi

The washing powder should be very strong and its stain removal power should be maximum


super whitening granules removes the yellowness caused by repeated wearing powder dissolves instantly and penetrates into your clothes to reach even the toughest


I can't wait for your next articles and look forward to reading them too


The best washing powder in Iran is a powder that shows positive effects on the clothes after washing it, that is, it makes the clothes shiny and clean, and removes the stains on the clothes and does not generate electricity on the fibers of the clothes.


You can buy this product at a very reasonable price from this site and transform it at the desired location

helen yari

This washing powder has a lot of enzymes and has a high cleaning power.


In my opinion, 3 kg washing powder is excellent and you can use it a lot

Hadye jamaly

The washing process can be done manually with a washing machine, in the process of manual washing, the hand can be damaged and more water is used.

Sara Dogonji