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Arad traders

Arad traders

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Foreign agency

Foreign agency

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Business offices

Business offices

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What is Arad Branding?

Arad Branding is a large commercial company with more than 500 professional employees and 11 thousand independent traders who are engaged in business in more than 4 thousand products.
The main commercial activity of Arad Branding is on the export of Iranian goods abroad or domestic trade and does not have any activity in the field of import.


The managers of Arad Branding are:
Senior Managers
Managers of business alliances
Department managers
Managers of foreign agencies
To see the managers of Arad Branding, you can use the managers option in the site menu.

Policy Council

Decisions on many issues related to businessmen, employees and foreign representation are made by a council called the Arad Branding Policy Council.
The members of this council take the necessary decisions after reviewing the upcoming issues during one or more meetings, and after approval, they are notified to the relevant departments for implementation.
Council meetings are usually held monthly, but in case of extraordinary cases, they can be held at any time.
If you want to see the members of the council, select the policy council option from the site menu.

Foreign offices and showrooms

For the growth of its business, Arad Branding has several offices in different countries of the world, each of which is responsible for the marketing and marketing of Iranian products in that country.
Some of these offices are equipped with commercial showrooms to display products to foreign buyers, and some do not have showrooms.
In the menu of the site, the option of offices and showrooms, we introduce the full introduction of the commercial offices and showrooms of Arad Branding in different countries of the world.

Branches and departments

Arad Branding activities are carried out in the form of different departments in different branches, each of which has independent tasks and at the same time related to other departments, which makes them connected to each other in a chain.
In the branch section of the site menu, we will introduce you to Arad Branding branches and the departments located there and the daily tasks and activities of the departments.

Business partners

Arad Branding's business partners are those who directly or indirectly help Arad Branding in doing or facilitating its business.
Connecting Arad branding to factories or attracting foreign agencies is one of the most important activities of business partners.
The business partners of Arad Branding do not have an official organizational title in the group, but they play a very strong influence in businesses.

International negotiations

The international negotiations unit is responsible for identifying and attracting foreigners to accept Arad Branding representation.
These loved ones speak different foreign languages and by introducing Arad branding and its commercial power to foreigners, they make them eager to do business with Arad and marketing and market building for Iranian products introduced from Arad's side.

Domestic producers

Any producer who is interested in exporting his product to other countries is very eager to cooperate with Arad Branding because Arad Branding helps him in this matter with the wide capacity of its representatives.
On the other hand, a number of these foreign representatives are always in Iran, and Arad Branding takes them to the factories of its contracting parties to see closely the products produced in Iran and to order from any one they like and take them to their country.

Traders and agents

Through the website menu of the option of traders and representatives, we will introduce a group of successful traders and representatives of Aradi and their commercial products, in the hope that new traders will recognize these dear ones and use them in conferences, working groups, B2B meetings and educational workshops. and use the experience of these dignitaries so that they too can experience successful businesses.

Performance evaluation and handling of complaints

The Office of Performance Evaluation and Response to Complaints is ready to deal with any complaints of our dear customers regarding the performance of subordinate units and individuals in the fields of breaching the terms of the contract, failure to perform duties, delays in processing, and lack of response.
If you have a complaint, you can contact us through the contact form that can be seen in the site menu, so that it will be dealt with according to the regulations.